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Sinopsis de A month of sundays de JAMES O'LOGHLIN:

At 7 a.m. on Monday 1 September 2003, the day Lucy and I celebrated our eighth not-married-but-together anniversary, we were in bed with our ten-month-old daughter Bibi lying chaperone between us when the crash of breaking glass startled us awake. Bibi wailed. I jumped out of bed and crept to the window- three men were attacking the house next door with sledgehammers and crowbars. I sighed. It had begun.James OLoghlin was concerned. His once-peaceful mornings would now be full of dust, loud radio and miscellaneous smashing from the demolition and rebuilding going on next door. Then came the idea: each morning James and his family would explore their own city. Between the three of them theyd lived in Sydney a lifetime, but it was full of places they hadnt seen and things theyd never done. It was time to do some catching up.Surely you cant have new experiences and feel the wide-eyed excitement travel offers in a city where youve lived for twenty years or can you? A Month of Sundays is a funny and personal account of what James found when he ran away from home each day and went looking for peace, fun and the mysteries behind the dating rituals of the whipbird. Its also the story of how he tried to answer to the biggest question of them all: how the hell do I live my life? Podriamos Somos capaces de no es realmente venir a traves de cualquier casi cualquier detalles acerca de este particular que James o'loghlin. Probablemente el escritor del articulo hechos ha sido retirado de nuestra propia server o no es anadido a su base de datos repositorio banco de datos. Si tiene relacionados detalles de su JAMES O'LOGHLIN, si eso es lo que que tipo y amable a nosotros urgencia incluirlo en el bases de datos del repositorio de datos

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he estado esperando tanto tiempo de publicación, es mi favorito libro


nuevos links y lo mejor nada de contraseñas…


Me alegro de que finalmente se descarg? la versión epub. Estoy muy contento.


hombre agradable parte!


Eliza Havens como la empleada, Blake Harrison como el governator de california, Samantha elliot como la esposa de nuestro governator. ¿Cualquier parecido con el caso… desde este punto de vista es coincidencia?

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