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Sinopsis de The succession crisis in nigeria de WALE ADEFARASIN:

The Succession Crisis in Nigeria is one of the most important books you will ever read on generational succession planning. It zeroes in on Nigeria and identifies the failure in establishing generational succession planning as one of the most critical problems facing fathers, business leaders, corporate leaders, community leaders, government leaders and church leaders in the country. It also explains the benefits of raising successors with the right kind of values and why a generational perspective is vital when considering succession planning.For many Nigerians who have been alive since before the nation's independence in 1960, the half century between then and now may truly be called The Era of the Decline of Institutions'. It is difficult to find one important institution in the country that has not lost a discernible part of its quality and value in the period. Equally, it is becoming impossible to find a community anywhere in Nigeria in which societal values have survived undamaged. Indeed, Wale Adefarasin is convinced that "the core of our national malaise in Nigeria is a catastrophic loss of values." From this, we may be tempted to draw the simple conclusion, either that past generations of Nigerians have not added much value to their country, or, at least, that they have not - in the words of Scripture - been able to bear "fruit that will last." [John 15:16]Yet we know that we would be hugely mistaken to come to such a conclusion. We are able to recall the names of many Nigerians of excellence who have passed through our land, people who qualify to be described as people of excellence precisely because they brought great glory to their country on account of the nobility and loftiness of their value contribution both at home and internationally. This book reflects the agitation in the mind of the author as he sees that much of that excellent quality has withered away, leaving behind a society that now looks a shadow of itself. Podriamos Podemos facilmente no es realmente descubrir virtualmente cualquier detalles acerca de este tipo de que Wale adefarasin. Quizas el creador hechos es despegado nuestro servidor de alojamiento no son es poner en su base de datos bases de datos banco de datos. Si tiene aplicables informacion sobre el WALE ADEFARASIN, si lo hace que tipo y el tipo para todos nosotros rapidez incluirlo con nuestra propia bases de datos del repositorio de datos

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