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  • Autor: JAY SIVA
  • Editor: Bookbaby
  • Los datos publicados: 2012-06-18
  • ISBN: 9781623093037
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Sinopsis de The power of yoga de JAY SIVA:

Begin the journey from the mystical to the practical with this book, and completely transform your mind, body, and view of the ancient art of Yoga as you explore its contents. In this easy to follow guide you will learn the core truths of Yoga practice and you will discover how you can use them to radically improve every part of your life.Realize dreams and goals, improve your looks and health, unlock creativity or trapped energy, and create the strongest version of yourself that you ever imagined. Making your way through the pages you will soon uncover the simple truth - there is no secret to Yoga. Instead, there are practical techniques, poses, and meditations that steer you towards remarkable improvements in your emotional, spiritual, and physical life.You will not be transformed over night, but you will be transformed permanently, and for the better, when you follow the many guided sessions contained in this work. Each chapter introduces you to foundational concepts and then gently instructs you in their use. This approach guarantees that you have complete understanding about the background and development of each activity, and this ensures success.Whether you hope to learn how to do complex bends and bridges, how to stand on your head, or how to meditate for great lengths of time, this is THE book to help you get started. It is equal parts educational/informational book and step-by-step instruction manual. It explains the history of common asanas or poses and then shows you how they are done. It offers details about why certain poses, tactics, and approaches are used, and this makes you more and more powerful with each session.Just imagine...not only can you begin to immediately practice things like the three most effective "bandhas", but you will also completely understand just what they mean, why they have evolved in the way they did, and how to combine them for the best results. Podriamos Somos capaces de definitivamente no encontrar descubrir cualquier tipo de detalles de este particular que Jay siva. Probablemente el escritor Informacion puede ser sacado de nuestra propia maquina o de otro modo sera incluido con nuestro repositorio banco de datos. Si tienes relevantes informacion sobre su JAY SIVA, en ese caso que tipo y el tipo para todos nosotros urgencia combinarlo con nuestra propia bases de datos del repositorio de datos

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