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Sinopsis de He's got potential de BELISA VRANICHARIANE MARDER:

Okay, so hes not perfect, but does your man have potential? This book has the answers to the question: does your man have Prince Charming potential? Learn how to bring out the best of what hes got?or not!

Women want men to change, but men want women to stay the same. If youve ever wondered how much "potential" a guy has, this book will help you discover whether hes a diamond in the rough or just a lump of coal. Youll learn why women endure the frustration of trying to transform a sub-par boyfriend into the man of their dreams and why men can be disappointed when women change as they turn into wives and mothers. With the information and tactics in this book, youll find out how to overcome that disconnect and learn to assess whether a man really does have the potential to change or whether its time to move on in order to find that truly special someone you deserve.

  • Tells you what you need to know to determine whether a man is worth all of the time and effort
  • Shows how to tell if a man is a Cheapskate, Know-It-All, Liar, Couch Potato, ADD Guy, Wannabe Artist, or all of the above
  • Explains the biological and social reasons that women assess men for the potential they might have in the future while men assess women as they are now
  • Written by Dr. Belisa Vranich, a clinical psychologist and advice columnist for the the Huffington Post, and Ariane Marder, former sex and relationships editor at Men?s Fitness and, currently, the executive editor at

Filled with surprising, down-to-earth information your mother and your friends could never tell you, Hes Got Potential is the relationship survival guide every woman should read. Podriamos Somos capaces de no es realmente descubrir casi cualquier detalles de esta especifica que Belisa vranichariane marder. Posiblemente el autor Informacion es despojado lejos de nuestro servidor de alojamiento o de otro modo es incluido en cada uno de nuestros repositorio banco de datos. Cuando tienes aplicables informacion sobre el actual BELISA VRANICHARIANE MARDER, si ese es el caso que tipo y el tipo a nosotros rapidez mezclarlo con nuestro bases de datos del repositorio de datos

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