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  • Los datos publicados: 2016-06-13
  • ISBN: 9781483573212
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Sinopsis de Leadership master de PEARL ZHU:

Digital leaders are those who carry themselves with an air of confidence, vision, direction, and with the right dose of anger and empathy to fight for the better world. It is the level of consciousness of the leader, or the level of self-development in regards to the ability to embody the human experience, inspire both self and others, influence the surrounding positively, and innovate both hard things such as products/services, and soft things such as communication or culture, to make the world a better place. Here is the brief summary of the book "Leadership Master."Chapter 1 Thought leadership: At todays "digital dynamic with increasing speed of changes and hyper-competition, being a thoughtful, mindful and multi-dimensional thinker is more crucial to improve leadership effectiveness. Authenticity is the foundation to be a Thought Leader. Digital leadership is less about "HOW," more about "WHY," and "WHAT." Leadership brand is less about what you look - the stereotypical leadership, and more about what you think - Thought Leadership. The digital Thought Leaders of the future sense, feel, read, imagine and intuit possibilities in the digital paradigm shift. The digital brainstorming is happening in real time with people and plays spontaneous networks of human and business operational concerns, to co-solve many thorny problems and overcome numerous challenges facing humanity. Being a Thought Leader also means you truly understand the purpose of leadership. Why do you want to be a leader, and which value can you bring in. Being able to quickly articulate the value that you bring to others is critical to helping others learn about how you can benefit them.Chapter 2 Creative leadership: Creativity becomes significantly important in the age with the advanced technologies because the leaders of the future will not be mere automatons. Great leaders are pioneers, innovators, and creators of a better context. Podriamos Somos capaces de no descubrir cualquier tipo de casi cualquier informacion sobre este tipo de que Pearl zhu. Probablemente el autor Informacion es sacado de cada uno de nuestros servidor de alojamiento o no es en realidad poner en nuestro repositorio banco de datos. Si tiene relacionados informacion sobre el PEARL ZHU, si eso es lo que que tipo y el tipo para todos nosotros rapidez incluirlo con nuestra propia a sus bases de datos de origen de datos

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