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  • ISBN: 9781938897832
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Sinopsis de Road trip de PATRICK RICHARDS:

Most people think that slavery doesn't exist in the world today. Ha. little do they know. Others are convinced that torture is a cruel and unusual punishment. It is to most people but not to an evil, sadistic woman who gets herself off by making her slaves suffer and scream from the pain. To her, torture is a pleasure - a form of recreation. It's a sexual thing - her aphrodisiac. When Jeff Owens vanishes from the Nevada desert, his search for a new life and adventure takes a much different path than expected. Instead of spending the winter as a ski bum with his buddies in Tahoe, he becomes a slave to a female motorcycle gang that treats their captives in the most inhumane ways imaginable. After breaking down along a deserted highway near some uninhabited ghost town, he thinks he is saved when three sexy, leather clad women arrive on Harleys. A younger sister soon comes along and easily lures him into their clutches. To a young, horny guy down on his luck, sex is such an easy bait. He was abducted and never saw it coming. Jeff finds that being bound and severely whipped is the easiest part of his torment. Sherry, the club's leader specializes in cock and ball torture while other club members get to use him on alternate nights to satisfy their sadistic cravings. From a pair of man-hating lesbians to a tattoo artist and an evil dominatrix, Jeff experiences it all. Even while suffering at the hands of these evil women, helearns that his life is far better than the other young men who also became victims of this same evil gang. Hard labor with deplorable treatment and brutal punishments are just the beginnings for the other slaves. Jeff finds that pain is an excellent teacher. He was warned several times that escape was impossible, but like all the others he tried it. He was easily caught and paid an agonizing price. He quickly realizes that he is just an expendable commodity in this savage, brutal, insane world. But through it all there is one slight glimmer of hope. One of the gang members takes a liking to Jeff. She helps him out, tends his wounds and keeps him going. Podriamos Somos capaces de definitivamente no encontrar descubrir cualquier tipo de informacion sobre esta este particular que Patrick richards. Quizas el editorial Informacion continua siendo tomado de nuestro servidor de alojamiento o si no puede esta definitivamente incluido con su base de datos bases de datos banco de datos. Si tienes relevantes informacion sobre su PATRICK RICHARDS, si ese es el caso que tipo y amable para todos nosotros inmediatamente mezclarlo con nuestra propia a sus bases de datos de origen de datos

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