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  • Autor: JAMES A. CLAPP
  • Editor: Bookbaby
  • Los datos publicados: 2015-04-17
  • ISBN: 9781631927942
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Sinopsis de Mon cahier de paris de JAMES A. CLAPP:

FROM THE AUTHORS INTRODUCTION: The present volume grew out of the development of a writing course I designed for travelers and aspirant travel writers built around what I refer to as "travel journaling," and is intended for future iterations of that course by myself as well as other teachers and instructors teaching courses about turning travel and living abroad experiences into both personal memoir and professional publication. While it is not intended directly as a "text" or "manual" for travel writing and memoir, it is an adjunct to those purposes, and illustration and a compendium of examples of subjects and styles useful for instructional purposes. Accordingly, since it is derived from the contents of a travel journal itself it is maintained somewhat in the form of a travel journal itself. It intentionally maintains different writing styles and "voices," with some chapters that are highly personal in tone, others historical or somewhat "academic," and others illustrative of the writing process. As with all writing it is firstly about the subject, but this book, while it exposes the authors personal interests and points of view about Paris-it is appropriate here to indicate that he is an "urbanist," and by training an urban planner-it is also about the experience of that city as a foreigner, and experience that combines the "pre-experience" of literature, film and art (in particular painting) with subsequent direct encounter, as tourist, worker, or temporary resident. This book is perhaps best described as a chronicle of my experience with this great city. It is not a guidebook, not a history, and not fully a memoir, although it is informed by and contains some features of all. Podriamos Podriamos no es realmente descubrir cualquier tipo de detalles acerca de este particular que James a. clapp. Posiblemente el autor datos es retirado de nuestra propia maquina o no esta definitivamente anadido a su base de datos bases de datos banco de datos. Para los que tienen aplicables informacion sobre el JAMES A. CLAPP, si ese es el caso que tipo y amable para todos nosotros urgencia incluirlo en cada uno de nuestros bancaria

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De sucediendo en un libro que nunca ha oído hablar, ley?ndolo , y absolutamente encanta.


que acabo de leer el capítulo 1, y es genial.


Muchas gracias……descargando

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