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Sinopsis de The police revolt of 2016 de LAWRENCE C MACKIN SR:

The Police Revolt of 2016 is an action packed, fast paced story of a diverse group of patriotic police officers, federal agents and military personnel whose lives become entwined through their efforts to uphold their oaths to defend the Constitution of The United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. They begin to organize as the United States military is systematically weakened and downsized by Obama. As events unfold, they realize that the country is in much greater danger than they ever imagined. More and more police officers are murdered, and police survivors are investigated by Obamas Justice Department for defending themselves. While police are being persecuted by the media across the country, The Sons and Daughters of Liberty discover that there is a parallel revolution being planned from inside the White House itself. A group of radical Islamists allied with Obamas private internal army composed of units from the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, are planning to establish an Islamic dictatorship within the United States. Against a backdrop of Soviet and Chinese military aggression, they must race to save the United States before they are discovered by Chinese Military intelligence. The story combines current national and world events, religion, politics, illegal immigration, The Second Amendment and American history into a power and provocative novel that is sure to rile members of congress and liberal politicians, while simultaneously sounding a clear warning and wake up call to all Americans. Podriamos Podriamos definitivamente no encontrar venir a traves de cualquier virtualmente cualquier informacion sobre esta este tipo de que Lawrence c mackin sr. Quizas el escritor hechos ha sido despegado nuestra propia servidor de alojamiento o de otro modo puede ser incluido en el repositorio banco de datos. Si tiene adecuado informacion sobre lo particular LAWRENCE C MACKIN SR, si eso es lo que que tipo y clasificar a nosotros urgencia mezclarlo con nuestra propia a sus bases de datos de origen de datos

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