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  • Autor: S.J. LEWIS
  • Editor: Pink flamingo
  • Los datos publicados: 2013-07-17
  • ISBN: 9781936173013
  • Formato de libro: PDF, Epub, DOCx, TXT
  • Numero de paginas: pages
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Sinopsis de Marie's descent de S.J. LEWIS:

Marie and Cheryl are two attractive young single women interested in hot guys and fun sex. But when Cheryl starts talking about kinky sexual escapades with rich men in a secret basement Maries concerned. Sneaking into the underground lair one night, Marie watches from a hidden closet as Cheryl is bound and forced to service three men who think nothing of smacking her ass in the process. As if this horrifying scene were not enough, when its over, Marie is suddenly pulled from hiding and confronted for her deception. Shes given a chance to go, or stay and behave herself. Worried about Cheryls safety, she elects to stay while Cheryl cleans up. Even though part of her is appalled by what shes witnessed, Maries sexual desires have been awakened by the rough sex. After a little coercion by Cheryl and her male companions, the titillated Marie agrees to a scene of her own. First she watches as Cheryl gets her first taste of anal sex, then she strips on command, and is held down while a vibrator brings her to a powerful orgasm. Later she gives a blowjob to the man in charge, and a strange attraction for him begins to bloom. Shes finally freed after orally servicing several other men while handcuffed and blindfolded. Just days after her remarkable night, Marie receives a package from the head man, inside, a cell phone, handcuffs, legcuffs a ball gag anda special CD. With her desires ignited in strange new ways, she takes instructions from her mysterious lover over the private cell phone. Though she may balk as he insists she call him Master, Marie is unable to stop herself from complying with his every demand. When he enters her apartment, shes roughly forced to her hands and knees, then forced to submit her body for his use. Later bound and gagged, shes driven to new heights of sexual rapture as the artful torment continues. As much as shes enamored with her new love, Marie knows this is no mere love affair. What her master wants is a slave. And what he demands of Marie is her total surrender. But does he want Marie for himself? Or will she be just another slave, recruited to serve the kinky needs of wealthy men? If she takes a wild leap of faith into an unknown future, will he be there to assuage her fears? Podriamos Nosotros no descubrir cualquier tipo de informacion sobre este particular que S.j. lewis. El escritor del articulo Informacion ha sido sacado de su maquina o no puede ser poner en su base de datos bases de datos banco de datos. En caso de tener aplicables informacion sobre esta S.J. LEWIS, en caso afirmativo que tipo y clasificar para todos nosotros urgencia combinarlo con el a sus bases de datos de origen de datos

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i han estado esperando tanto tiempo de publicación, es mi libro favorito


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lo que puedo decir honestamente que fue una de las mejores cosas que jamás he leído


Muy buena subida.

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