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  • Editor: Edebe
  • Los datos publicados: 2016-10-20
  • ISBN: 9788468304182
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  • Numero de paginas: 160 pages
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Sinopsis de El club de los invisibles de DOLORES FERRER MARI:

Juan Nadie (John Nobody) feels invisible. His parents forget about him, his teachers ignore him, and even the school bullies leave him alone. This summer, like every year his parents have sent him away to camp. But this year its different. Here hell meet other invisibles: Lex, Al, Ana and Salome (who can actually turn herself invisible). Lex is the son of an infamous mafia boss, who is soon to stand trial. The judge in charge is Zagal, father to Al, a chubby girl with her own problems. Ana is the youngest of the group, her parents separated after her brother Simons death. Simon, the ghost of the story decided to stay on earth after his death to protect his sister. Salome is the oldest, and the only one with the true power of invisibility. Together, the five help each other to overcome their fears, and beat the camp bully, but thats not all. Along the way they have to find a cave and a long lost book which holds the secrets of Salomes power. The search is interrupted when Al is kidnapped by two thugs, presumably in the pay of Lexs dad Don Desti. Although all becomes clear, when they discover that the culprit isnt Desti but another criminal being tried by the judge Zagal. The Invisibles help to frree Al, in the process returning the book to Salomes family and, as the summer draws to a close, vowing to stay united. Podriamos Podriamos no es realmente localizar casi cualquier detalles de esta especifica que Dolores ferrer mari. Posiblemente el autor Informacion continua siendo tomado de su servidor web o de otro modo es en realidad incluido con cada uno de nuestros fuente de datos banco de datos. Si tienes relacionados detalles de su DOLORES FERRER MARI, en caso afirmativo que tipo y el tipo para todos nosotros urgencia anadirlo a cada uno de nuestros bases de datos del repositorio de datos

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Gracias tan mucho !!!!


como bajo los libros sin que pidan el numero del movil


Permitir que sea relevante para un momento: Dios mío, este libro es excelente !!


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Exelente libro me ayudado mucho esperemos que esta clase de libros se los pueda bajar para poder hacer uso de los mismos aaunque sea por la forma de la piraterias.

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