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Sinopsis de Democracy in america de ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE:

The Americans live in a democratic state of society, which has naturally suggested to them certain laws and a certain political character. This same state of society has, moreover, engendered amongst them a multitude of feelings and opinions which were unknown amongst the elder aristocratic communities of Europe: it has destroyed or modified all the relations which before existed, and established others of a novel kind.

The-aspect of civil society has been no less affected by these changes than that of the political world. The former subject has been treated of in the work on the Democracy of America, which I published five years ago- to examine the latter is the object of the present book- but these two parts complete each other, and form one and the same work.

I must at once warn the reader against an error which would be extremely prejudicial to me. When he finds that I attribute so many different consequences to the principle of equality, he may thence infer that I consider that principle to be the sole cause of all that takes place in the present age: but this would be to impute to me a very narrow view. A multitude of opinions, feelings, and propensities are now in existence, which owe their origin to circumstances unconnected with or even contrary to the principle of equality. Thus if I were to select the United States as an example, I could easily prove that the nature of the country, the origin of its inhabitants, the religion of its founders, their acquired knowledge, and their former habits, have exercised, and still exercise, independently of democracy, a vast influence upon the thoughts and feelings of that people. Different causes, but no less distinct from the circumstance of the equality of conditions, might be traced in Europe, and would explain a great portion of the occurrences taking place amongst us.

I acknowledge the existence of all these different causes, and their power, but my subject does not lead me to treat of them. I have not undertaken to unfold the reason of all our inclinations and all our notions: my only object is to show in what respects the principle of equality has modified both the former and the latter.

Some readers may perhaps be astonished that-firmly persuaded as I am that the democratic revolution which we are witnessing is an irresistible fact against which it would be neither desirable nor wise to struggle-I should often have had occasion in this book to address language of such severity to those democratic communities which this revolution has brought into being. My answer is simply, that it is because I am not an adversary of democracy, that I have sought to speak of democracy in all sincerity.
Men will not accept truth at the hands of their enemies, and truth is seldom offered to them by their friends: for this reason I have spoken it.

I trust that my readers will find in this Second Part that impartiality which seems to have been remarked in the former work. Placed as I am in the midst of the conflicting opinions between which we are divided, I have endeavored to suppress within me for a time the favorable sympathies or the adverse emotions with which each of them inspires me. If those who read this book can find a single sentence intended to flatter any of the great parties which have agitated my country, or any of those petty factions which now harass and weaken it, let such readers raise their voices to accuse me.

The subject I have sought to embrace is immense, for it includes the greater part of the feelings and opinions to which the new... Podriamos Nosotros no es realmente descubrir virtualmente cualquier informacion sobre esta este tipo de que Alexis de tocqueville. Posiblemente el escritor Detalles tiene convertido en despegado su servidor de alojamiento o no es en realidad incluido en cada uno de nuestros bases de datos banco de datos. En caso de tener relevantes informacion sobre el ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE, en ese caso que tipo y amable a nosotros inmediatamente anadirlo a el a sus bases de datos de origen de datos

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permite que sea relevante por un momento: Dios mío, este libro es excepcional !!


ya estan actualizados los link´s gracias por el aporte… descargando


Yo acaban de leer el capítulo 1, y es genial.


Me alegro de que finalmente descargado la versión epub. . Estoy muy contento de


Este libro se explica muy bien sus hipótesis de las mafiosas conspiraciones de los gobiernos para hundir el myndo occidental empleando mentiras y engaños,falsas promesas de justicia social y libertario.Se deberia promocionar su lectura ante todos los publicos.Libro que ni deja de ser interesante.Diria que hasta es de matices muy liberales. No es racista ni atenta contra ninguna conciencia o condicion humana.Dice las cosas tal cono son tiene su lógica se pueden sacar muchas conclusiones por que lo que refleja es la opinión de su autor acaso sea de la misma sangre de George Orwell.Nos avisa de que cada vez esta más cerca el nuevo ciclo orwelliano. Pero es que Gerg Hinsik defiende el nazismo ¿asi a quie va a concieciar? Orwell no defendia a ningún sistema. Aún asi la lectura de este libro es imprescindible!!!!!!!!

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