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Sinopsis de Anatomies de HUGH ALDERSEY-WILLIAMS:

The Sunday Times Science Book of the Year, Anatomies by Hugh Aldersey-Williams, author of bestseller Periodic Tales, is a splendidly entertaining journey through the art, science, literature and history of the human body.

Magnificent, inspired. He writes like a latter-day Montaigne. Stimulating scientific hypotheses, bold philosophic theories, illuminating quotations and curious facts. I recommend it to all Telegraph *****

Splendid, highly entertaining, chock-full of insights ... It inserts fascinating scientific snippets and anecdotes about our organs into the wider history of our changing understanding of our bodies Sunday Times

A relentlessly entertaining cultural history of the human body ... brims with fascinating details, infectious enthusiasm ... the terrain he covers is so richly brought to life Guardian

Elegant and informative ... For Aldersey-Williams, [the body] is a thing of wonder and a repository of fascinating facts Mail on Sunday ****

In Anatomies, bestselling author Hugh Aldersey-Williams investigates that marvellous, mysterious form: the human body. Providing a treasure trove of surprising facts, remarkable stories and startling information drawn from across history, science, art and literature - from finger-prints to angel physiology, from Isaac Newtons death-mask to the afterlife of Einsteins brain - he explores our relationship with our bodies and investigates our changing attitudes to the extraordinary physical shell we inhabit.

More than a science book - its also history, biography and autobiography - Anatomies is writing at its most refined, regardless of genre Sunday Times

Praise for Periodic Tales:

Science writing at its best ... fascinating and beautiful ... if only chemistry had been like this at school ... to meander through the periodic table with him ... is like going round a zoo with Gerald Durrell ... a rich compilation of delicious tales, but it offers greater rewards, too Matt Ridley

Immensely engaging and continually makes one sit up in -surprise Sunday Times

Splendid ... enjoyable and polished Observer

Full of good stories and he knows how to tell them well ... an agreeable jumble of anecdote, reflection and information Sunday Telegraph

Great fun to read and an endless fund of unlikely and improbable anecdotes ... sharp and often witty Financial Times

Hugh Aldersey-Williams studied natural sciences at Cambridge. He is the author of several books exploring science, design and architecture and has curated exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Wellcome Collection. His previous book Periodic Tales: The Curious Lives of the Elements was a Sunday Times bestseller and has been published in many languages around the world. He lives in Norfolk with his wife and son.

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