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Sinopsis de Do not say we have nothing de MADELEINE THIEN:

In Canada in 1990, ten-year-old Marie and her mother invite a guest into their home: a young woman who has fled China in the aftermath of the Tiananmen Square protests. Her name is Ai-Ming.

As her relationship with Marie deepens, Ai-Ming tells the story of her family in revolutionary China, from the crowded teahouses in the first days of Chairman Mao's ascent to the Shanghai Conservatory in the 1960s and the events leading to the Beijing demonstrations of 1989. It is a history of revolutionary idealism, music, and silence, in which three musicians, the shy and brilliant composer Sparrow, the violin prodigy Zhuli, and the enigmatic pianist Kai struggle during China's relentless Cultural Revolution to remain loyal to one another and to the music they have devoted their lives to. Forced to re-imagine their artistic and private selves, their fates reverberate through the years, with deep and lasting consequences for Ai-Ming - and for Marie.

Written with exquisite intimacy, wit and moral complexity, Do Not Say We Have Nothing magnificently brings to life one of the most significant political regimes of the 20th century and its traumatic legacy, which still resonates for a new generation. It is a gripping evocation of the persuasive power of revolution and its effects on personal and national identity, and an unforgettable meditation on China today. Podriamos Podriamos no es realmente descubrir casi cualquier detalles acerca de este particular que Madeleine thien. Posiblemente el autor Detalles puede ser despegado su servidor de alojamiento no son es en realidad poner en su base de datos repositorio banco de datos. Si tiene relevantes detalles de el actual MADELEINE THIEN, en caso afirmativo que tipo y amable a nosotros inmediatamente incluirlo con nuestra propia bancaria

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permite que sea relevante para un momento: Dios mío, este libro es excepcional !!


gracias este se mira muy colorido


Glad i conseguido este libro. Yo estar detrás con la reacción.


Esperando tanto de largo ...


hola, lei, que iban a poner claves a los libros, me baje este libro pero no me pidio ninguna contraseña, supongo que para los siguentes que suban si me pidira.

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