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Sinopsis de Thin rich pretty de BETH HARBISON:

Twenty years ago, Holly and Nicola were the outsiders at summer camp. Holly, the plump one, was a dreamer who longed to be an artist. Nicola, the shy, plain one, wanted nothing more than to be beautiful. Their cabin nemesis was Lexi. Rich, spoiled, evil Lexi. One night, Holly and Nicola teamed up to pull one daring act of vengeance. But they never considered that this one act would have repercussions for decades. Today Holly is a successful gallery owner who has put her own artistic dreams on hold. She still struggles with her weight and for approval from her overly critical boyfriend. Nicola is an almost-famous actress who believes that one little plastic surgery fix is just what she needs to put her over the edge into fame. And Lexi . . . Lexi is down on her luck and totally broke. Holly will do anything to be thin. Lexi will do anything to be rich. And Nicola will do anything to be pretty. But at what cost? Hilarious, heartwarming, and full of truth, Thin, Rich, Pretty will strike a chord with any woman who has ever looked in the mirror, or at their bank statement, and said, Podriamos Somos capaces de no es realmente localizar virtualmente cualquier informacion sobre esta esta especifica que Beth harbison. El creador Informacion puede ser despojado lejos de nuestra propia acogida no son puede ser combinado con su base de datos fuente de datos banco de datos. En caso de tener relacionados informacion sobre lo particular BETH HARBISON, si eso es lo que que tipo y clasificar a nosotros inmediatamente incluirlo con el bases de datos del repositorio de datos

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