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Sinopsis de Living pure in an impure world de JIM LANGLOIS:

For many of us, todays society seems more evil than it has ever been. With the advent of television, satellites, and the internet, the openness of sexual immorality has decayed godly morals in an unprecedented way. The decay of morals brings the tragic results of teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, pedophilia, bestiality, adultery, fornication, pornography, divorce, fatherless children, single mothers, abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism, same-sex marriage, and so on. However, when we study the history of society we find that these issues have existed for thousands of years. Technology has just allowed these issues easier access.The Bible has much to say about sexual immorality, purity, temptation, and the Will of God. It addresses every one of the issues mentioned and if we are willing to listen, it gives us the direction and wisdom for success, and how to live "free" from the impurities that destroy our lives, our families, our children, and our future.Living pure in an impure world is not difficult with the Word of God as our guide and the Holy Spirit as our inner strength. Satans goal is to kill, steal, and destroy, but Christ has come that we might have life and life more abundantly (John 10:10). This abundant life has been made available to us. It is a gift from God. With a repentant heart, a simple hunger for Him, and mustard seed faith, we can overcome the "world" (1 John 4:4, 5:4-5). Podriamos Somos capaces de ciertamente no localizar virtualmente cualquier detalles acerca de este tipo de que Jim langlois. El escritor datos puede ser despegado el server o de otro modo esta definitivamente anadido a nuestra propia fuente de datos banco de datos. Para los que tienen adecuado detalles de esta JIM LANGLOIS, si eso es lo que que tipo y clasificar a nosotros inmediatamente incluirlo con cada uno de nuestros bases de datos del repositorio de datos

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