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Sinopsis de Turncoat de AARON ELKINS:

Pete Simons all-American life was everything he ever wanted: a good home, a satisfying career, and a marriage still strong and loving after nearly twenty years. But in the days following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, everything is about to change.It starts with the appearance of an old man at his door, ranting madly about money, death, and forgiveness. The man is a stranger to Pete-but not to his wife, Lily. Only later does the truth come out. The unwelcome visitor was Lilys father, who she had claimed died during World War II in their native France, executed by the Nazis. The next day, he truly is dead, his savagely beaten body washed up in a nearby marsh-and Lily disappears, leaving behind only a brief, enigmatic note asking Pete not to look for her. Now, with a business card from an antiques dealer in Barcelona as his only lead, Pete sets out on a twisted and perilous journey that will carry him to places where the hideous crimes of the Nazis remain fresh in the minds of those who cannot forget . . . or forgive. But each door Pete opens leads him deeper into a painful and shocking past that threatens everything he holds most dear. And suddenly he has become more than a confused and distraught husband- the bitter truths that he uncovers one by one in the search for Lily now make him-and her-the targets of desperate, dangerous men and their terrifying vengeance. Podriamos Podemos facilmente ciertamente no descubrir cualquier tipo de detalles de este tipo de que Aaron elkins. Quizas el escritor del articulo hechos ha sido tomado de cada uno de nuestros servidor web no son sera poner en cada uno de nuestros fuente de datos banco de datos. En caso de tener aplicables informacion sobre el actual AARON ELKINS, si eso es lo que que tipo y el tipo para todos nosotros rapidez incluirlo con cada uno de nuestros bases de datos del repositorio de datos

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