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Sinopsis de Whitethorn woods de MAEVE BLINCHY:

The town of Rossmore is a special place, full of character charm. Nestled beside the Whitethorn Woods, the town has grown since the days when it was small and friendly and everyone knew everyone else- now it has chain stories and traffic problems and housing estates.
But still, there are the woods, full of spiky bushes and criss-crossed with paths- and there's St Ann's Well, where generations have come to pray or make wishes or just to look back at the pretty little town. Which is why there is going to be such a fuss about the plans for the new motorway. It's going to by-pass Rossmore, cutting through Whitethorn Woods and endangering the well itself.
The new road will bring jobs and relieve traffic in the town- for others, it will destroy businesses and leave the town a backwater. The people of Rossmore are divided. There is a lot of land standing in the way of the great road of progress. Quite by accident the decision rests on Neddy Nolan - the most honest man in Rossmore. A man determined to do the right thing. Podriamos Podriamos definitivamente no encontrar venir a traves de cualquier casi cualquier informacion sobre esta especifica que Maeve blinchy. Quizas el editorial Informacion puede ser tomado de cada uno de nuestros acogida no son es en realidad poner en nuestro repositorio banco de datos. Cuando tienes adecuado informacion sobre lo particular MAEVE BLINCHY, en ese caso que tipo y clasificar a nosotros inmediatamente incluirlo en cada uno de nuestros bancaria

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