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  • Autor: BRIAN CHUTE
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  • Los datos publicados: 2015-03-01
  • ISBN: 9781483550817
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Sinopsis de Shalako rides de BRIAN CHUTE:

The Federal government of the United States of America has collapsed. The states have formed new alliances. But now chaos reins on the highways due to lack of law enforcement. Somehow trade between the states must continue. Into this world rides Shalako and his computerized truck. Follow his adventures in the new, and exciting action series: "Shalako Rides".Here is a quick look at the first book of the series: "The Journey Begins"His satellite telephone rang, and Lynn asked him for a status check. "Everything is just fine," Shalako reported. "Its a beautiful night out here. Im about 2 miles short of Strong City. Kansas. The radar showing clear road ahead. And Im right on schedule.""Thats just what we like to hear." Said Lynn." Is the truck working all right? No malfunctions, or anything like that?""Tell Byron his baby is working like a dream. And tell him, I know hes standing right behind you, that I will take good care of her.""Youre right, if he gets any closer, Im going to smack him for blowing in my ear! He heard you. Check in in again about an hour, please," Lynn requested."Will do, I..... What???..... Gotta go!" With that, Shalako cut off communications.Byron and Lynn looked at each other in alarm. Byron shouted, "Get him back!""No way," said Lynn. "Something is happening out there and I wont distract him. If he needs us, he knows we will be right here. Meanwhile, we wait."Shalako sat up suddenly. A red light had begun to flash on his heads-up display. Script began to appear across the bottom of the screen. "Obstruction ahead, roadblock, decelerating." At the same time Sherry responded with, "roadblock ahead, cruise control off, brakes applied, stopping in 1500 feet, pilot assess situation.""What the heck? What now?" As the truck came to an abrupt halt in the middle of the road he thought, "I think Ill shed some light on this situation. Podriamos Podemos facilmente no es realmente venir a traves de cualquier cualquier tipo de informacion sobre este tipo de que Brian chute. El escritor del articulo Informacion es retirado de nuestra propia acogida o no esta definitivamente incluido con cada uno de nuestros repositorio banco de datos. Si tiene relacionados detalles acerca de lo particular BRIAN CHUTE, si lo hace que tipo y clasificar a nosotros urgencia incluirlo en el bancaria

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