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  • Autor: R L HUMPHRIES
  • Editor: Bookbaby
  • Los datos publicados: 2014-12-15
  • ISBN: 9781483544847
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Sinopsis de 25 Hours de R L HUMPHRIES:

Jake Barlow, now retired from murder investigations, and living a peaceful life with his wife Annie, sets out on a nice spring morning, In Brisbane, to do some banking business, some research for his latest book and some lunch with beautiful Anne. But the bank is invaded by three young Muslims, wanting to rob it to fund the Jihad in Syria. They are ruthless, killing two security guards and a plain clothes policeman and, eventually two hostages, of the 20 theyve taken. They know the Federal Government will not pay a ransom and challenge the Australian people to contribute to a ransom fund to save their countrymen. Theyve set up a bank account and the contributions trickle in. Jake decides to take them on and formulates a plan to thwart them. He is being used by the Jihadists as a conduit to the outside world by talking to Anne on mobile phone and he conveys his plan to her. He tries to reason with the young Muslims and they gradually relax as the fund builds up. By 10 am the next day, 25 hours after their invasion of the bank, they agree that the ransom fund is filled, and they load the money, and a bound Jake onto a van to be delivered to a jet at an airport. They release the hostages and Jake, now strapped into a suicide bomb and a necklace bomb, is the last hostage. They propose to take him to Syria to be publicly beheaded. People, including a distraught Anne, watch on TV as Jake is loaded on the plane and they take off for Syria. Anne has been loudly proclaiming to her family that Jake is indestructible, but as they see Jake securely bound and loaded on the plane, she wonders if her husbands wonderful resourcefulness and courage are going to fail him. But, deep down, she has faith that Jake will escape.... Podriamos Podemos facilmente no necesariamente descubrir cualquier tipo de informacion sobre esta esta especifica que R l humphries. Quizas el creador hechos puede ser despegado su servidor web o de otro modo no es en realidad anadido a cada uno de nuestros bases de datos banco de datos. Para los que tienen adecuado informacion sobre lo particular R L HUMPHRIES, en caso afirmativo que tipo y amable para todos nosotros inmediatamente combinarlo con nuestro bases de datos del repositorio de datos

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De sucede con un libro que nunca ha oído hablar de , leerlo, y absolutamente encanta.


Esta labor (la de Ustedes)es invaluable


puedo decir sinceramente que era uno de los mejores cosas que jamás he leído


I ' he estado esperando tanto tiempo de publicación, es mi libro favorito


esta edicion no es la 4ta sino la 3ra, 😈 no lo recomiendo en vdd, la 4ta edicion es mucho mejor en todos los aspectos

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