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Sinopsis de Language! camera! action! de RENIER VAN LOGGERENBERG:

A database for the actor/technician - terms, words and commands the actor/technician will meet in his/her career. This dictionary consists of essential vocabularies of key terms, script abbreviations and common slang used in the film and television industry. This glossary is intended to create a background to the technical vocabulary the actor or technician is sure to meet on set. Useful on its own for all levels of film and television communication.The Maasai tribe of Eastern Africa are arguably the most spectacularly photogenic people on the planet. Yet this tribe believes that if one films or photographs them, one steals a part of their souls that will be lost to them forever. I believe a similar situation exists for the film actor: a part of his/her psyche will be captured on celluloid or magnetic tape for the duration of the specific mediums life. In other parts of Africa the locals will dress up in either their Sunday-best for tourists, or rags for the media, both for a fee. This is not to be confused with the real despair that engulfs Africa, these are not the desperate ones, this is business. The film actor operates somewhere between these extremes, somewhere between giving up a part of his/her soul for the camera, and brazenly selling his/her photographic presence as a commodity. The premise of this study is that film acting is one of the simplest crafts in the world, in the sense that the actor has only to appear natural and believable in front of the camera. On the other hand, this study will show that dealing with all the technical demands associated with the craft makes it one of the more complex crafts to master. This guide hopes to help clear some of the bewilderment and ignorance of the new actor/technician in understanding the words used in this most demanding of media. Podriamos Nosotros definitivamente no encontrar descubrir cualquier tipo de detalles acerca de este particular que Renier van loggerenberg. Quizas el creador hechos puede ser tomado de nuestra propia acogida o no es en realidad poner en nuestra propia bases de datos banco de datos. Cuando tienes relevantes detalles de el actual RENIER VAN LOGGERENBERG, si eso es lo que que tipo y clasificar para todos nosotros urgencia mezclarlo con nuestra propia bancaria

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