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Sinopsis de Pushing the happiness button de MICHAEL WIDMORE:

Who here is interested at all about Happiness or how to be happy? How many of you raised your hands?

Who doesnt want to be happy? Everyone does! For some, it comes naturally, while for takes a little bit of work. And thats where this book come in.

This book will teach you the many ways, you can learn to be happier in life!

There are so many moving parts, its no wonder you cant figure it out on your own.

What you need is an actual guide, that gives you the many options to attack the problem of unhappiness in life!

The moment you realize what "it" really is? Thats when you can start becoming more satisfied, fulfilled, brimming with positivity in life!

Spiritual Evolution
You Are Your Thoughts
The Best Strategies To Do It
The Other Side (Negativity)
The Benefits Of Misery
Why You May Want To Quit Being Miserable
How Do You Quit Making Unpleasant Decisions
Exactly What You Will Need To Give Up When You Stop Making Unpleasant

Stop Putting Your Life On Hold
Concentrate On The Who, Not The What
Appointing Value
Develop Plans
Accept Controllability Or Lack Thereof
Doing Exactly What You Love
Keys To Happiness
High Self-Regard
Optimistic Life Framing
Internal Locus Of Control
Long-Term Learning
Positive Attitudes
Attitude Therapy
I Alone Am Responsible For My Life, Health And Contentment.
Love Yourself
Practical Steps To Self-Appreciation
Solitude And Doubt
Childhood Programmings
Obstacles To Loving Ourselves
Social Programming Vs. Conscience
Power Of Gratitude
A Gratitude Practice
Grateful To Whom?
Grateful For What?

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he estado esperar tanto tiempo de publicación, es mi libro favorito


No puedo bajar nda!


honestamente puedo decir que fue una de las mejores cosas yo he leído nunca


que no tengo suficientes cosas buenas que decir acerca de este libro. Fue fantastico!


Millones de gracias, priale!!!

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