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Sinopsis de Airline marketing and management de STEPHEN SHAW:

Through five previous editions Airline Marketing and Management by Stephen Shaw has established itself as the preferred textbook for students of the principles of marketing and their application in today's airline industry- as well as a reliable reference work for those with a professional interest in the area.Carefully revised, the sixth edition of this internationally successful book includes new material on:- The impact of the Trade Cycle and the current period of high oil prices on the demand for air travel.- The effect of current trends towards regulatory reform and the relaxation of Ownership and Control rules on the structure of the international airline industry.- The continuing strong impact of Low Cost Carriers, and the strategic options open to so-called 'Legacy' airlines as they respond to the challenges facing them.- The setting up of new 'Business Class Only' airlines. Why are they appearing now, and what are their long-term chances of success?An initial review of the structure of the air transport market and the industry marketing environment is followed by detailed chapters examining airline business and marketing strategies, product design and management, pricing and revenue management, current and possible future distribution channels, and selling, advertising and promotional policies.The reader will benefit from greater understanding of both marketing and airline industry jargon and from the knowledge obtained regarding the significant strategic challenges facing aviation at the present time.Written in a straightforward, easy-to-read style and combining up-to-date and relevant examples drawn from the worldwide aviation industry, this new edition will further enhance the book's reputation for providing the ideal introduction to the subject.

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