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Sinopsis de Light o'love de JACQUELINE GEORGE:

When Shirley arrives at the Institute, she thinks she will be studying Politics. But the Institute has a sterner purpose, the study of Witchcraft. Gradually, Shirley is introduced to the practice and history of the Craft. She has a talent for mind control and for romance, and is given her witchs name, Light oLove.

She is shown the sights of Liverpool by the brilliant, austere Rostov and taken back to his den. He is one of her lecturers. The others are more friendly and cherish her and her growing powers. She surprises them all by breaking two of the Dark Lights "toys" - automata sent to monitor the Institute. Shirley is the center of attention from witches and from the Dark Light.
Through her efforts, Rostov is revealed as a spy and he is driven into exile. He can only win back his masters approval by presenting them with the cause of their trouble: sacrificing Light oLove herself.

"I love Light oLove. She is a country girl studying in the big city, but is undaunted by her new life. She learning to control her powers and at the same time opening herself to the exciting new world of romance and sex. The girl develops into a very powerful woman." -Jacqueline -

Light o'Love Shines

Enter a world in which a couple of guys from Alice, Texas, interrupt the tranquil and smooth goings on at The Jane Flockman Institute. But this is no ordinary institute, in this institute the students may study mundane subjects like Geopolitics, and Geophysics, but it is mainly an institute for those who want to perfect their witchcraft skill.
Skills that involve such things as: card reading, fortune telling, and if you are like the main character, Light OLove herself, then you just might be one of the most powerful witches around.

Set in Liverpool, England around 1968, the story follows our Light O Love heroine as she seeks to not only use her skills to help out her fellow man, but ultimately saves herself and the Institute from the evil claws of the villainous Professor Rostov.
Its a delightful tale, well told. I enjoyed reading it, and I hope you do as well. Judy Ramsook Podriamos Podemos facilmente definitivamente no encontrar descubrir casi cualquier detalles acerca de este tipo de que Jacqueline george. El escritor datos puede ser sacado de cada uno de nuestros acogida o de otro modo no puede ser incluido en cada uno de nuestros fuente de datos banco de datos. Para los que tienen relevantes informacion sobre esta JACQUELINE GEORGE, si eso es lo que que tipo y clasificar a nosotros inmediatamente incluirlo en el a sus bases de datos de origen de datos

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