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Sinopsis de History of the plague in london de DEFOE DANIEL:

The father of Daniel Defoe was a butcher in the parish of St. Giless, Cripplegate, London. In this parish, probably, Daniel Defoe was born in 1661, the year after the restoration of Charles II. The boys parents wished him to become a dissenting minister, and so intrusted his education to a Mr. Morton who kept an academy for the training of nonconformist divines. How long Defoe staid at this school is not known. He seems to think himself that he staid there long enough to become a good scholar- for he declares that the pupils were "made masters of the English tongue, and more of them excelled in that particular than of any school at that time." If this statement be true, we can only say that the other schools must have been very bad indeed. Defoe never acquired a really good style, and can in no true sense be called a "master of the English tongue."Nature had gifted Defoe with untiring energy, a keen taste for public affairs, and a special aptitude for chicanery and intrigue. These were not qualities likely to advance him in the ministry, and he wisely refused to adopt that profession. With a young mans love for adventure and a dissenters hatred for Roman Catholicism, he took part in the Duke of Monmouths rebellion (1685) against James II. More fortunate than three of his fellow students, who were executed for their share in this affair, Defoe escaped the hue and cry that followed the battle of Sedgemoor, and after some months concealment set up as a wholesale8 merchant in Cornhill. When James II. was deposed in 1688, and the Protestant William of Orange elected to the English throne, Defoe hastened to give in his allegiance to the new dynasty. In 1691 he published his first pamphlet, "A New Discovery of an Old Intrigue, a Satire leveled at Treachery and Ambition." This is written in miserable doggerel verse. Podriamos Podemos facilmente no es realmente localizar cualquier tipo de casi cualquier informacion sobre este particular que Defoe daniel. Quizas el escritor datos tiene convertido en despegado su servidor web o de otro modo no es en realidad combinado con el repositorio banco de datos. En caso de tener adecuado informacion sobre esta DEFOE DANIEL, en ese caso que tipo y el tipo a nosotros urgencia incluirlo con el bases de datos del repositorio de datos

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