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Sinopsis de Markell and voge's medical parasitology de DAVID T. JOHNWILLIAM A., JR. PETRI:

With a new two-color design, Markell and Voges Medical Parasitology has an updated and fresh look that highlights the comprehensive material students have trusted for over 40 years. Completely redrawn line drawings and improved halftones provide visual examples related directly to the textual material. The content explores the etiologic agents of human disease belonging to the animal kingdom: protozoa, helminths (worms), and arthropods (insects and spiders), all of which are a significant cause of, or link to illness encountered both in tropical and temperate environments. In addition to providing detailed descriptions of these agents, this text deals with the clinical diseases they cause, their modes of acquisition, transmission and epidemiology, and their pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

  • Ten-page insert with full color plates of various parasites, eggs, and life cycles provides students with real-life examples of how parasites and their associated material appear in order to facilitate their identification in the laboratory.
  • Summary Tables appear at the ends of the parasite/disease chapters to summarize the main features of the chapter and to present the salient information from the chapter to allow students better comprehension of the material.
  • Life cycle drawings show progression of parasites from infancy to adult so students can recognize parasites at each stage of life.
  • Disease distribution maps depict the global distribution of key parasites to help students see the global impact that various parasites have.
  • The text explores arthropods both as parasites in their own right and as vectors or intermediate hosts for other parasites so students can understand the direct and indirect impact that they have on health.
  • New two-color design gives the material a fresh look and highlights important details in illustrations.
  • Improved illustrations include all line drawings redrawn with a second color added, as well as improved quality in the halftones.
  • Thorough revision reflecting all the most recent research findings and the most cutting-edge techniques for diagnosis and treatment.
  • Significant change in authorship with David John taking the role of lead editor, and with a new co-editor, William Petri, a proven expert, writer, and speaker in the field of parasitology.
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